Sick Day! 07/21/2008

hey all you big bros!  today we skated a ton.  Maxatrill is the Curb Master!

Beef came over after the gnar skate sesh and we played some WOW,  during our game sesh my Dad was out drivin' the Tractor around and he got it stuck in the mud.  he came down to get us, and his truck and we charged up there!  after like an hour of trying the truck was buried passed the axles and the tractor was stuck as ever...Soooo me and beef rocked back to the house to grab my moms car to try to pull the truck and the tractor out of the mud pit.  beef hoped in the drivin' seat and we floored it up to the site!

we tried and tried but nothing was working so we rocked around the field for a few and we did end up getting the tractor out but there was no way the truck was even gonna move.     My Dad had to call a tow truck to come out so while we were waiting we had some food and sat by the burn pit.

we went back into the house to play some more WOW, then Beef remembered that his laptop was in the truck at the top of the mud hill.

We grabbed My Mom's keys and ripped up there!!
once we had what we wanted we ripped around some more  Then i hoped in the driver seat and we passed the tow truck on the way down the hill we got on the road and ripped right passed my house and tore up the dirt outside the cory and then went rollin up to Shmook's with all the lights off drove up to the pond and back,  on our way back down from the pond we stopped right outside his house and sad for a minute the BLASTED the horn!!  and shredded back home.

now im bloging.-------------Maxatrill



Thu, 24 Jul 2008 08:21:30

ok here is the dealio on blogs dopes. there public! so if I ever.. I mean EVVVVER hear about you driving with your lights off again ????????. A plane will fly me to Bend in a flush and I will throw those keys down the longest gopher hole you have ever tried to fill. Mistazzzzz

tres hooligans.


Thu, 24 Jul 2008 10:53:31

Nice blog boys! Hopefully you've been getting some shred in this summer up on the snowfield. Hope all is well, keep in touch


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