The Official Members Of The Squad.

Logan Beaulieu aka Logy B

OG member from back in the day!  Gets real hard on the mic!

Willson Mclain aka King Willy

OG Member, One of the best skaters on the planet, steez busta, rap ruler.

Ian Borgman aka Ian Ski Ski Skis

The last of the OGs.  he is currently retired from rapping but is huge in the Tre!

Gus Warbington aka G Don

The Don has blown up in the rap world.   with two 2nd place and one 1st he is the rap battle champ.

Quinn Jacobson aka BEEF

Beef is new to the Tre but has already made a name for himself.  with a legit steez and a bro state of mind Beef has nowhere to go but up!

Max Warbington aka Dj Maxatrillion

Max has been around Tre for a while but never got up in a track unitl the smash hit Story Time.  Now Maxatrill is all up in the beats and when he wants to, will throw a verse or two.

Masanosuke Kondo aka The Condor

nuf said.

Alex Ing aka   A-maze-ING

In much darker times Alex was known as a "Chill Bro" witch is a small crew of skiers that don't rap.
Now Alex's Future is lookin a lot better in the hands of the Squad! And just recently he has established a spot as DJ in HRVHS. TRE!!

To the rest of the world.

If you rep The Squad & are down with the Squad       Than you are in the Squad.