you know it. Tre's new hit "Platinum im Bound" just gets the love from central Oregon.
Holler at my boy C.O.D between 10 & 11 every thursday night!!! Request some TRE SQUAD and call 541-382-4032


with love and care



on the 11 of October some members of the squad (Maxatrill, A-Maze-Ing, Logy B & G don)  headed up to P Town for the premiere of That's It, That's All!!!  

Needless to say,   it blew our minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T-Rice was there and a guy from Jackass!  A-Maze-Ing manned up and bro hugged T-Rice after the show!

we spent the night in P Town.  The next day we hit up Gen-X!!
got our shwagga up!

all in all it was a great trip!!!!

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Maxatrill Out!!!! 


yoooooooo  Maxatrill in ya face!

good news about our bros the Bayliens!
they got the video out of there smash hit Bubble Gum!

Check ittttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!

leave comments fool!

maxatrill out!


Yo its A-Maze-ING here blogging about the sickest coast trip ever!!!
so first off i roll up to bend on an hours notice. i get there and Logy B Maxatrill and G-don are waiting. We listen to some power 94 and get down with the DJ and request some songs. We get to bed decently early cause we got some skating and driving to do the next day...
DAY 1: we start are adventure to the coast. we stop at a place of wonders in a forest on the side of the road and tread some water and look around the place. it was sick, then we roll to a Mcdeezy and get a quick bite to eat. after that we hit up the Corvallis skatepark. we shredded for about 45 minutes and off to the road again. a little later after playing some GTA and Midnight Clubbin dub addition n the PSP we get to the destination... the agate beach motel. right when we show we got some trouble on our hands cause the lady who owns it thought there was too many people for one room.(4 kids and 4 adults) even though us kids were camping on the beach. anyway we go set up camp and mess around on the beach for a bit. then nightfall comes and we make a fire and roast some hot dogs for din. then at around midnight we decide to go hit up some tide pools with flashlights and see what marine life we can find. we get to the tide pools and there are huge dugenous crabs. Maxatrill being a gnar kid catches one with his barehands. we decide to catch the crabs and eat them the next day but you have to catch male crabs and the only crabs we could find were female so that was a bust. we head back to camp and sleep.
DAY2: the next day we get up and eat some breakfast in the room and make a plan for the day. the plan was to get some skim boards and shred then go to oldtown newport and check some shops. well when the guys leave to go rent some skims the evil owner lady kicks us out of the motel. while this was going on Logy B actually purchased a skim board. we get back to the room and find the horrible news. Mikey is outraged and was about to blow up the place. Rebecca then goes and confronts the evil lady and gets are room back. then the lady offered to let us borrow her to skim boards. so we roll down to the beach with the skims and some fresh wax and rip the waves. we did this for about an hour. the surf was ill!!!!! we then cleaned up and headed to oldtown newport. we ate at moes and of course G-don ordered a grilled cheese sandwich cause he is twelve. anyway the food was delicious and we went to some hippie shops. there were cloathes and insence and posters of all kinds in the stores. I myself bought two rings, as did Logy B. Maxatrill got a pirate ring and G-don got some ice cream. We watched sea lions fight each other and then went to Toledo to get our skate on. the skate was hot and maxatrill and G-don were throwing grabs of all sorts over this gap. we got tired and headed to the room. We then ate some pasta for dinner and headed down to the beach to make a fire. we roasted marshmellows and noticed a much larger fire in the distance. so A-maze-ING and Maxatrill decided to investigate. we creeped up with ninja like stealth, from a distance it looked like a college rager, but the closer we got we realized it was far from that. we walked up to the fire and introduced ourselves and they introduced themselves. they were there on a christian leader camp get together thing. they tried to suck us in with soda and guiter but we resisted and said we had to go back to our fire. after this ordeal we chilled for a bit and then went to catch more crab hoping for male crabs instead of female. while we were preparing to go catch the parents declared bad news saying we couldnt eat them. so whats the point in catching... we decided to go to the tide pools anyway and Don stayed behind (it was way past his bedtime). we looked at some interesting rocks and found lots of wierd bugs and shellfish. we then came back to camp and fell asleep.
DAY3 this day could have been the most important day of the trip. We were going sandboarding. we got hyped and got in the vehicles and went to the dunes. we arrived at a place to rent sandboards and we got some. outside they had a drop in ramp to a jump and a rail. we seshed that for a little bit and threw some hammers that might have changed sandboarding forever. then we headed to the big dunes. right when we got to the real dunes we looked for tough lines and large gaps. A-maze-ING went for broke on his first jump and hurt his hip. after that G-don boosted a big air and destroyed his lower back. tre was looking hurt for a couple minutes. Then maxatrill and Logy B found a big hip and each did huge airs getting the session back on. G-Dons pain went away and he launched some airs. in the meantime A-maze-INGs board was malfunctioning and he could not move. so Maxatrill fixed it up best he could and A-maze-ING attempted more shred. G-Don, Max, and Logy B then went to the backside to hit some intense lines. everyone was getting down. after a couple hours we got very tired and had to pack it up. on the way to the car you have to hit the loosest line ever. Maxatrill dropped in first and of course stomped it. following closely was Logy B and he made it clean. G-Don was lacking some wax so ING hooked him up. after that G-Don was gone. then INGs board yet again didnt work... after this we went and got some KFC and checked out a skatepark. it started to rain so we didnt skate. We stopped by Safeway and got some food and a magazine about the olympics and of course shawn johnson. the rain intensified on the way back to the room so there was noway we were camping. when we got back to the room we had to run down to the beach and grab all of our sleeping bags and pillows. they were soaked and we were soaked. we all got clean and watched the closing ceramonies for the olympics and of course got to see shawn johnson on TV along with jackie chan and much more crazy china stuff. it was good stuff. we then went to sleep.
DAY4 the final day we woke up and got to work. we got all the clothes together and went down to the beack and packed up the tent. luckily it wasnt raining and the sun was shining. we got all packed up and said goodbyes to the Agate beach motel. We went straight to toledo and had an awesome skate sesh for about an hour in a half. hammer everywhere of course. we then went and got some delicious food at DQ. After we ate we went to a little town called Philomath. we skated their park and it was so sick!! the trannies were tight and the shesh was blazing. we had a game of skate and Maxatrill came out on top. Then off to bend. on the way we stopped at a creek spot that was amazing. we climbed up rockes and jumped over water. G-don and Logy B got a little wet. After that we went to bend. We called in to power 94 and got on the radio then said our goodbyes to each other because A-maze-ING had to go home and Logy B as well. untill next year it was the best beach trip ever!!!

Pond Shark 08/21/2008

Whud it duuuuwww!!!

The site is goin really good!!      We waist deep in this shit now! haha
So there are a few new vids up!!!   Check em out and drop blog comments!!!!

Off to the beach tomarrow!!!
Watch out for a coast montage!

Love,    Maxatrill

Tha Bro Blog 08/19/2008

So finally i get up on this bad boiiiiiii. Logy B right here live on tha blog. I actaully signed in to hit this up. Hopefully someone reads this.

I was searchin the internet looking for a new H&M scarf listening to MGMT when i came across this beautiful picture.

Oh yeah and this little yum i found also haaa.

Sorry blake.....pffftt

Now its time to go cut some lawn i guess.....

Stay Hesh and stay fresh

Love, Logan

shred dayy 08/15/2008

so 8/14/08 Maxatrill, G-don, and Logy B headed to Mt Hood for a summer shred  meeting hood river tre member A-maze-ING along with his pal, legit shredder Dylan Thompson. The shred was hot. hammers were being thrown all over the park, from Dylans underflips and destorying the car box to Maxatrills backflips and Logy Bs cartwheels. We rode as long untill palmer shut down. The day was fun and a montage will follow shortly. stay tuned. TRE SQUAD!

Sick Day! 07/21/2008

hey all you big bros!  today we skated a ton.  Maxatrill is the Curb Master!

Beef came over after the gnar skate sesh and we played some WOW,  during our game sesh my Dad was out drivin' the Tractor around and he got it stuck in the mud.  he came down to get us, and his truck and we charged up there!  after like an hour of trying the truck was buried passed the axles and the tractor was stuck as ever...Soooo me and beef rocked back to the house to grab my moms car to try to pull the truck and the tractor out of the mud pit.  beef hoped in the drivin' seat and we floored it up to the site!

we tried and tried but nothing was working so we rocked around the field for a few and we did end up getting the tractor out but there was no way the truck was even gonna move.     My Dad had to call a tow truck to come out so while we were waiting we had some food and sat by the burn pit.

we went back into the house to play some more WOW, then Beef remembered that his laptop was in the truck at the top of the mud hill.

We grabbed My Mom's keys and ripped up there!!
once we had what we wanted we ripped around some more  Then i hoped in the driver seat and we passed the tow truck on the way down the hill we got on the road and ripped right passed my house and tore up the dirt outside the cory and then went rollin up to Shmook's with all the lights off drove up to the pond and back,  on our way back down from the pond we stopped right outside his house and sad for a minute the BLASTED the horn!!  and shredded back home.

now im bloging.-------------Maxatrill

goin' great! 07/21/2008

Hey bros!!    the launch of the site was a Huge success!!!

thanks for all you bros droppin love!

tre squad hates you...


today we got the site up!!!
its a big deal.